Academic References

Academic References

JWRH in academic publications

JQ89 Cover

Jerusalem, We Are Here:
Reflections on the Collaborative Construction of a Living Archive and Its Offshoots”
by Dorit Naaman, Mona Hajjar Halaby & Marina Parisinou

Jerusalem Quarterly
Institute of Jerusalem Studies
Issue 89 – Spring 2022

Full Article (PDF)

“Mapping Palestine/Israel
through Interactive Documentary”

by Dale Hudson

Journal of Palestine Studies
Vol 50 No. 1 – Autumn 2021
Published 6 Jan 2021

“Time, Digital Environments, and the Documentary Experience”
by Vinicius Navarro

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
Vol 60, Issue 1, Fall 2020
pp 92-110 (Article)

“On the ‘We’ in Jerusalem, We Are Here
by Dorit Naaman

Vol 2, Spring/Summer 2020: Landscapes

“When is Co-creation Possible?”
by Dorit Naaman

The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism
Vol 47, Issue 1, March 2020

Full article (PDF)

“Jerusalem’s Alternative Collective Memory Agents”
by Menachem Klein

Israel Studies Review
Vol 35, Issue 1, Spring 2020

Full article (PDF)

“’We Are Victims of Our Past…’
– Israel’s Dark History Comes to Light in New Documentaries”

by Olga Gershenson

Tikkun Magazine Vol 33, No. 1-2,
Winter/Spring 2018

Full article (PDF)

“Open Space New Media Documentary:
A toolkit for theory and practice”

by Patricia R Zimmermann & Helen De Michiel

(Chapter 4, Polyphonic Collaborations)
Routledge 2018