JQ 89 - Spring 2022

In 2021 the executive editor of the Jerusalem Quarterly (JQ) invited Dorit Naaman, Marina Parisinou and Mona Hajjar Halaby to co-author an essay for the journal. The Jerusalem Quarterly, published since 1998 by the Institute for Palestine Studies, is “the leading journal on the past, present, and future of Jerusalem. It documents the current status of the city and its predicament.”

We debated how to approach this new joint effort and decided on an online (Zoom) conversation for which we prepared a series of topics to guide our discussion. 

We began our conversation by remembering how the three of us got to know each other through the Jerusalem, We Are Here (JWRH) project. We then talked about our collaboration on the project and how the synergy we developed gave rise to a number of other individual or collaborative projects. We discussed the lessons we learnt in the course of our work on all these projects as well as our future plans. 

We transcribed the conversation and then edited it for legibility, clarity and length. 

The result was published in the Spring 2022 issue of the Jerusalem Quarterly (no. 89) just in time to commemorate the Nakba. It is available both at JQ’s website and also on JWRH’s informational website under News – Academic References where you can download a PDF (small size, low-res photos). If you’d like a PDF with high-resolution images, please drop us a line at info@jerusalemwearehere.com and we’ll be happy to send it to you. ◆

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